Work force

CPC Employees

Diverse Workforce

We are a company that does not prioritize one over another based on race, religion, or nationality, because we believe our team is our valuable asset. At City Pharmacy, we are proud to have more than 800 employees with more than 10 different nationalities working with us to serve our customers and stakeholders at the highest level. We believe having a diverse workforce achieves the best outcome for our customers because it allows us to meet the expectations of our various partners. Thanks to our employees, we are able to provide a personalized approach for our customers that enables us to build a long lasting customer relationship. We strive to continue in diversifying our workforce to provide many opportunities that will help us and help our employees to nourish. This being said, we ensure relentlessly that City Pharmacy work environment allows our various nationalities to adapt and express themselves easily.

CPC Workplace

At City Pharmacy, we consider ourselves a big family and because of that we try our best to ensure that we create a healthy & successful workplace.

In order to ensure that, we have set four targets to be assessed on regular basis:

  • Create Purpose: Our department heads should clearly communicate City Pharmacy’s vision & mission to their respective employees. Employees must clearly understand the organizations purpose and believe in it.
  • Opportunity: Our department heads must always challenge their employees with difficult tasks to unlock their potential capabilities. Our culture realizes the importance of continuously developing our employees to increase their contribution.
  • Appreciation: CPC managers must continuously appreciate the hard work of employees to create a friendly environment.
  • Well-being: CPC family cares about the personal aspect of employees therefore employee connection is something important to us to establish a strong relationship with our employees.

We in City Pharmacy, do not tolerate any forms of racism within our workplaces. We ensure fair recruitment process during our candidates’ selection and our recruitment selections are solely based on whether the candidates’ qualifications match the requirements of the job position. In City Pharmacy, we are always adapting to the market changes by evolving our work environment to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

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