Our Leadership

Established in 1967 by Dr.Abdulrahman Almahmeed, City Pharmacy Co. has dedicated itself to the advancement of Pharmaceutical & Health Care services in UAE.

Today, City Pharmacy Co. has proved beyond doubt that no other company has the resources, facilities, skills or vision to match the contributions made towards the realization of this goal. Looking to the future, we are confident that we will be instrumental to the continued development of this success…so much so that we believe – the best is still yet to come! With over 50 years of expertise, City Pharmacy Co. Group is first of a kind in the growth of Pharmaceutical and Medical services in UAE. Our team of highly professional pharmacists will oversee every step in the process to ensure you receive the best quality service. City Pharmacy Co. has consistently achieved remarkable growth and today commands an overall 30% share of the UAE’s market for pharmaceutical, medical and associated products and equipment.



Dr.Abdulrahman Almahmeed


Since it inception in 1967, City Pharmacy Co. has dedicated itself to the advancement of pharmaceutical and medical services in the UAE. No other company has the resources, the skills or the vision to match the contribution which City Pharmacy Co. has made towards the realisation of this goal.

Part of a group which also comprises the Wael Pharmacy in Bahrain, City Pharmacy Co. is the largest facet of a long-established and highly successful family business. We thank our partners which have supported us so well over many years and extend a sincere welcome to anyone else interested in sharing in our future success.



Dr.Basem Awadeh

Chief Executive Officer

We are big enough to provide, small enough to care and your true partners.

City Pharmacy Co. has a simple philosophy. That philosophy is to work hand in hand with our principals to the mutual benefit of both. Through a scrupulous adherence to the highest ethical standards, unswerving professionalism and total commitment to our principals, we have achieved sustainable growth and a number of highly rewarding and long-lasting partnerships.

Our true assets consist not of bricks and mortar, but our partners whom we represent and our employees in whose skills, energy and dedication we have the utmost faith. We at City Pharmacy Co. are confident that we will be able to meet all the many challenges facing us in the coming years.We believe that the best is yet to come.